The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Collecting money from strangers is never easy.

For the people who learn to live before they die.

A half hour documentary addressing indigenous issues.

 Just Friends (2007)
 Cloudstreet (2011)
 A Belly Full of Bounty (2007)
 Pipe Dreams (2006) (2008)
 Celestin (2006)
 The Offertry (2011)
 Always There (2006)
 Flatmates - Understanding Women (2011)
 Lies in the Night (Post-production)
 Bereaved (2009)
 Surfaced (Post-production)
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 Francine Brereton
 michael liu
 Desiree Crossing
 Louise Dodge
 Sarah Clarke
 Damian Hoskin
 Starehe Harrison
 Sarah Lawrence
 Noah Norton
 Kathryn Dart
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 Choosing a dog in a movie
 DIRTY GIRLS by Dave Warner
 Workflow - Part 1 - Development
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