Boredom at work is never a good thing, especially when you have fun at your bossí expense.

Wisdom sometimes comes from unexpected places.

Are worms eating out your brain?

Two 10 year old kids win an award for best pranksters in Perth.

Don't Drink and Drive

 Starved (2007)
 Competing a.k.a. Toy Soldier (Development)
 Just a Joke (2004)
 Pipe Dreams (2006) (2008)
 The Boinging (2009)
 Bereaved (2009)
 First Person Shooter (2010)
 Flatmates - Christmas Special (2011)
 Quack (2006)
 Flatmates - Christmas Special (2011)
 'Becomes the Father (Development)
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 Jon Walker
 Noah Norton
 Jake Lyall
 James Richards
 John Masiello
 Cathy Prastides
 Vanja Clayton
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 Choosing a dog in a movie
 DIRTY GIRLS by Dave Warner
 Workflow - Part 1 - Development
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